The Age of Cryptocurrency – A Different Lens

The emergence of Bitcoin, Ripple, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies has made headlines around the world. Early adopters and investors have been adding these forms of digital currency to their digital wallets with urgency, encouraged by their rapid growth.

But as cryptocurrency prices continue to be highly volatile, we need to take a closer look at the risks, the rewards, and what the future is for the cryptocurrency market and blockchain technology. Will altcoins be relegated to the reddit cryptocurrency forums, or will it revolutionise how society thinks about money?

Produced by Monash University

Monash Business School
Dr Kym Brown
Dr John Vaz

Faculty of Law
Professor Jonathan Clough

Faculty of Information Technology
Dr Joseph Liu
Professor Chris Bain

Faculty of Arts
Dr Lennon Chang

Sadeed Sidaoui
Crypto Journalist

Doug Boudry
Australia Federal Police

Music by DG Music

Animation by Jumbla

Produced by Monash University In partnership with Y&R ANZ

A Different Lens


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